Our building partner, Heritage Homes of Nebraska received the 2019 National Green Home of the Year Award for Best Off-Site Construction from Green Builder® Magazine for the custom modular development built for the “Epic on French” in Breckenridge, Colorado. Green Builder Media’s expert panel of judges evaluated projects in terms of overall sustainability, resilience, synergy with the environment and surrounding neighborhood, affordability, creativity and the depth of science employed. The judges said this project was, “super-efficient and great use of resources compared to the house’s neighbors.” In addition to this award, the project is slated to earn LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Garratt Hasenstab, developer for Epic on French, explained to Green Builder Media that, “Heritage Homes’ dedication to building green and ultra-efficiency far exceeds any other off-site builder we have worked with or discussed projects within the past.